This brochure was one of my volunteer work for the Islamic Awareness Week in Muncie, IN. in 2016.

This design was done to go well on an Instagram profile. Life Style Women Fitness Center's in Makkah wanted a design that can reflect the fun of Zumba classes!

This work had been designed as a single page in a magazine. The photograph in the article had been shot to fit the article that had been provided by the instructor in advance. This piece was a part of illustration class I took in 2016.

This piece was a single page advertisement project, which was part of a graphic design class had been taken in 2012. I had to chose a product, come up with the idea of the ad. collect the material needed and design it using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

Students Club Logo

This logo design was one of my freelance projects I had been doing during my study in Ball State University.

Islamic Center Logo

This logo was part of my volunteer work with the Islamic Center of Muncie in 2013.

School Poster Design

This one of my freelance work. I have been given the material to fit it within a simple and elegant design.