A Photograph Inspires


This portfolio covers some of my video stories, articles, galleries, and sound slides. 


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Photo-illustration is a powerful medium used to convey an abstract or complex message. It has been used heavily in commercial advertisements because of it’s effectiveness on the viewer. Photo-illustration can enhance text by giving a visual concept to elaborate ideas.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial photography involves taking photos of products for advertisement purposes.The way you present your products online has a significant impact on sales. Good photographs literally sell! Most of the photos in this portfolio are of used products. They were taken in a living room using only a white board, on the bottom, a white ceiling, and one or two speedlights.

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Graphic Design

This link lead to some of my graphic design projects. 

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Real Estate Photography

This portfolio shows some select photographs and videos. Some of the photos in this portfolio increased the traffic on Zillow by thousands within few weeks.

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Portrait Photography

This portfolio shows select photographs were taken in a photography studio.  

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Aerial Photography and Videography
Watch some of my aerial videos and photos that I filmed using an unmanned aircraft (drone)
My Travel Map

During my stay in the U.S. from May 2010 to August 2016 I had the opportunity to visit 47 of the 50 states. This link will lead you to a visual map that shows all the states I have visited and the ones I did not have a chance to visit.

Other Intrests
This link sheds light on some of the areas I have been interested in exploring and learning about. They are not necessarily related to my field but those interests help me to be more diverse and credible to tackle a variety of subjects.